Meet the Team


Master – Simon Linford

I became Master of the Guild in 2007 after having been away from Birmingham since school.  I now ring at St Martin’s Birmingham, where I was taught to ring properly 30 years ago!  I am well known for ringing on higher numbers, having rung over 500 of my 1000+ peals on 12 bells or more, including an awful lot of spliced.  However my greatest pleasure in ringing now is giving new opportunities and seeing progress and enjoyment at all levels.

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Tel: 0121 633 9349
Mob: 07747 866688


Secretary – Clare McArdle

I learnt to ring in the 1970s in Birmingham at Harborne where I have now reached the dizzy heights of Tower Captain. For the last 10 years or so I have had a particular interest in teaching new ringers. In 2013 I put this experience to good use when the St Martin’s Guild founded the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing. I have been a member of the Guild since 1977 and became secretary in 2011.

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Mob: 07810 544949



Ringing Master – Arthur Reeves

Having moved to the Midlands following a stint in York, I have been ringing here for the last 6 years. I am a member at St Martin’s and St Philip’s in the city centre though like visiting other practices as often as I can. I enjoy many aspects of bell ringing: the music we create itself; the challenge of learning new things; the commitment to a team; the personal drive to keep getting better; and certainly not forgetting the social opportunities to meet new people! Bell ringing certainly has something for everybody, so if you haven’t had a go then get in touch!

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Treasurer – Tracy Stevens

I learnt to ring in October 2008, requiring a new hobby following a sporting injury. I soon became hooked by the art of campanology. I ring at Harborne where I am also Assistant Tower Captain and in 2011 I became the Guilds Treasurer, a position I enjoy. I have also completed the ITTS Modules for teaching bell ringing and am a full member of the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART)

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