Training resources

This page lists the range of virtual training sessions, webinars and online social events delivered by Guild members, and friends, from April 2020 onwards.

View recorded webinars and/or access slides and presentations by clicking the links in the following table.

DateTraining sessionLead presenter(s)
21 October 2020Birmingham composers and their entertaining rivalryRichard Pullin
14 October 2020Exploring Devon Call ChangesJon Bint
7 October 2020In conversation with John Anderson (Part 2)John Anderson
30 September 2020How can we improve Public Relations in ringing and in our towers?Vicki Chapman
23 September 2020In conversation with John Anderson (Part 1)John Anderson
16 September 2020The Ringing Isle: an introduction to bells and bell ringing in BritainGareth Davies
9 September 2020Questions to the Editor of 'The Ringing World'Will Bosworth
2 September 2020Exploring Cyclic Spliced MaximusAlistair Cherry
29 July 2020An introduction to composing (Part 2)John Warboys
22 July 2020A history of Birmingham’s bellsChris Pickford
18 July 2020What Minor methods do we ring next?David Smith
15 July 2020How to ring big bells…Julia Cater
8 July 2020An introduction to composing (Part 1)John Warboys
4 July 2020Questions to ponder… (Part 2)David Smith
1 July 2020Everything you need to know about handbell ringing (you can learn from Plain Bob Minor)Tina Stoecklin and Simon Gay
27 June 2020Questions to ponder… (Part 1)David Smith
20 June 2020Quiz nightDavid Hull
17 June 2020What would others say about your tower?Alison Hodge
13 June 2020Tower StewardshipJonathan Townsend
10 June 2020Understanding Stedman (Part 2)Mark Eccleston
6 June 2020From Plain Bob to Place BellsDavid Smith
3 June 2020Understanding Stedman (Part 1)David Baverstock
30 May 2020Understanding Call ChangesClare McArdle
27 May 2020Conducting Doubles methodsSteve Horton
23 May 2020What is a change?David Smith
20 May 2020Question and Answers: panel discussionDavid Baverstock, Alison Edmonds, Simon Linford, Stephanie Warboys (hosted by Arthur Reeves)
16 May 2020Understanding the importance of passing the treblePhil Ramsbottom
13 May 2020An Introduction to Handbell RingingSimon Linford
9 May 2020Walking through methodsJanet Horton
6 May 2020Connections: or alternatively, if you can ring that, then try this…Phil Ramsbottom
2 May 2020Methodology and Tadhill ResourcesAdam Knight-Markiegi and Clare McArdle
29 April 2020What is a bob?Simon Linford
25 April 2020How to learn methodsPhil Ramsbottom
22 April 2020An Introduction to Plain Bob DoublesMark Eccleston
18 April 2020An Introduction to Place NotationJanet Horton
15 April 2020Coursing – what is it, and how do you use it?Tony Daw
11 April 2020Abel ringing simulatorClare McArdle
8 April 2020How does our memory work?Arthur Reeves
5 April 2020Simple touches of spliced: composing practice night touchesSimon Linford
1 April 2020Quiz nightArthur Reeves